Overthinking Cartoons

Mike Peterson features a Buckets strip that considers the downside of invisibility (blindness, if the eye can’t reflect light). He wonders about another hiccup in stealth, the digestion of visible food. He asks if he and the cartoonist are overthinking the concept.

I drew this cartoon years ago, but never knew if it was finished. Was it best to show the invisible man in clothes, without clothes, or ditch the clothes and glasses and show only the dog, with the caption: The Invisible Man Takes a Walk.

invisible man sepia smallinvisible man2 small

Overthinking and creativity, constant traveling companions; unless I’m overthinking this.


Source: Comic Strip of the Day.com

88 Keys (and then some)

Oscar Peterson and Count Basie at the 15:56 mark. Two divergent styles that somehow fit on the stage — like the pianos they’re playing, nestled like gloves with twenty fingers.

Oscar talks about Art Tatum, famed for intimidating other pianists (setting up a nice punchline for Bill), and reveals that he favors a special sort of piano, with more than the usual 88 keys (and what happened the one time that Basie tried to play it. Very funny.)

Source: Video: Oscar Peterson – JazzWax

Nobody Wants to be Mickey Mouse

And most don’t want to be cartoonists. But that’s how I felt after watching Bugs Bunny, the Oscar Winning Rabbit. Again and again every Saturday — inspiration, or Stockholm effect.

Here’s one thing unmentioned in the video: Bugs never took the first swing. He didn’t start fights, he finished them, usually as the winner (I say usually because I’m guessing there’s probably a cartoon that ends in a stalemate, as a change of pace.)

Source: Bugs Bunny: The Origins of an American Icon – Neatorama