Poultrygeist: the Pun

http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/thumb/1/11/Poultrygeistposter.jpg/215px-Poultrygeistposter.jpgThis isn’t a video recommendation. I haven’t watched it. I haven’t read the fine print on the poster.* But it caught my eye on Netflix because it’s a pun I used 20 years or so ago. In mine, we see a farmer in his living room, populated with ghostly chickens. The farmer isn’t inconvenienced. The chickens are just there. (the implied back story: the farmer built his home on an ancient chicken coop.) I’m guessing the film takes a different direction.


*I left the image small to save you the bother of deciding to skip the fine print.

Two Personalities, Two Captions, With Bonus Literary Criticism


An alternate caption: Robert Louis Stevenson’s “The Odd Couple.”

Not sure which one I prefer. When it comes to captions, my thinking is often of two minds, which seems fitting this time around.

Or is it? Did Hyde exist independently of Jeckyll? Or was Jeckyll there all along, in the guise of Mr. Hyde?

You’ll find the literary criticism at Tor.com.  Steven Padnick explains that I’ve misread the story. I feel like I did at the end of The Sixth Sense, when the film revealed that everything I’d understood about the story was wrong.

Oh My! Eldritch Horror

H.P. Spacecraft

Looking at this eldritch horror turns me cold. I’m not sure if it’s due to his briny and alien origin, the squirming tentacles, or just the feeling I get when I see anyone without a shirt; especially if a breathing tube is squirting icy water on a bare chest. If you feel the same chill, don’t despair. A t-shirt is all you need to warm up.