Futility Closet

Futility Closet

I keep waiting for someone to list the Top Five Science Cartoonists That You Don’t Know About But Should. The addendum is that I hope my name appears on the list. Or that I can scrawl it in, if no one’s looking.

Until then, I have my champion in Greg Ross and his Futility Closet (which proves just how eclectic and esoteric his subjects can be, if my work fits comfortably in the company of his compendious amusements.)


On Top And Unsold

Though I’ve never sold this cartoon, it’s one of my favorites. I love the punchline. It’s rare to read an old punchline and not feel the flutter in my chest that says, revise it, make it better.

I’m puzzled by the eyelashes, a classic bit of visual shorthand. They’re not necessary. The punchline depends on tonnage disparity, not gender. That’s the first clue to the cartoon’s age; only a younger me would have thought the elephant needed the blatant and traditional signage for gender identification. Male, female, the punchline still works.  The second is the spacing of the eyes. Today I favor the widely-space variety you see on the man. This might be a transitional cartoon, with elements new and old. A Missing Link cartoon, except for the missing part.