Something From Nothing

Something From Nothing/Nobrow Cartoons/Mark Heath

An impending t-shirt, perhaps — I haven’t shown it to Neatorama. I’m not a caricaturist, but it helps if a.) the subject is famous for his afro, and b.) I name the subject in the caption.

UPDATE: No longer pending. If you’ve long-hoped to wear an afro, or if you’d like to disprove homeopathy with a bit of funk, here’s your chance.

10 thoughts on “Something From Nothing

    1. I’ve never heard an evolutionist say that Life came from nothing. They say that Life came from this and that and the other thing, none of which required divine intervention.

      1. The Big Bang isn’t about something from nothing exploding. It’s just the earliest point that can be measured of the universe existing. Being a cartoonist, not a scientist, that’s all the detail I can muster.

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