Summer Slides

Summer Slides

And speaking of reliving memories, this cartoon might remind you of another cartoon. I’m too lazy to track down the link, but it concerned a loud-mouthed amino acid.

When my laziness peaks (oxymoron intended), I’ll reuse a drawing — or combine elements from several drawings —  and hope that few notice, or mind. There are times when I think of myself as Mark Heath, stock house for cartoons, rather than Mark Heath, cartoonist. Several years ago I was crippled with artist’s block (a condition I rarely hear about — writer’s block, yes, artist’s block, no.) I couldn’t draw. I lacked the strength to plow and grind the pen nib across paper.  The more I thought about this Herculean task, the less Herculean I became.

I eventually outwitted myself — often my greatest nemesis — by reusing old art, cutting, pasting, repurposing. I did this for a year and more, feeling like an impostor, a grave robber, a charlatan.

The Summer Slides cartoon wasn’t assembled during my Artist’s Block.

Sometimes I”m just lazy.

In defense of my work ethic, however, I did draw the boxes of slides from scratch.*

*In prosecution of my work ethic, I can’t wait to re-use them.

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