New Vintage

New Vintage

I lost myself in this album cover for many hours, when it first arrived in the late seventies. Now it’s in a frame, lost in a box, tucked away in the basement, momentarily out of reach thanks to one too many moves and my wandering attention. But to be honest, that silver trumpet was always out of reach. I knew I’d never play like Maynard, I doubted I’d even own the brand of trumpet he played (and designed.) I like to imagine that this trumpet was plunged into ice to save it from melting after a concert.

4 thoughts on “New Vintage

  1. Beautiful cover! A couple of favorite tracks on there, too- Scheherazade, Airegin and Maria.

    I’m not worthy to have cleaned out his spit valve! :D

      1. Yeah, Maynard had such a nice ‘normal’ range, and could play some great ballads. One of my favorite tracks was ‘Offering of Love, Part 1’. I never would have heard it the way my wife did- she keeps picturing a scene from a mob movie. ‘Over the Rainbow’ (from ‘Stratospheric’) and ‘For Your Eyes Only’ are nice too.

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