Bane Upside-Down


I didn’t mean to publish this image upside-down. But there you go. That’s how I found it on my computer, and I don’t see a convenient way to invert it.

It actually lends itself to my point. I haven’t seen the movie, I have seen the trailers, and Bane appears to be a regular guy. Here’s my question: did they do away with the most interesting aspect of Bane’s character, his ability to crank his physique to 11, courtesy of magic hormones? Is he just a strong guy in a gas mask? Did they turn his gimmick upside-down? He’s stronger than Batman, but not in a monstrous way?

This is why I prefer Tim Burton’s Batman. His Bane would have swollen like an evil toad, almost too large for his skin.

I’m sure it’s a fine movie, but if Bane doesn’t expand like a steroid-filled balloon when he fights Batman, I’ll wait for the DVD.


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