What ADHD Feels Like

Speaking for myself, ADD can feel like many things, depending on my mood and medication.

I recently moved back to a town I knew fairly well, having grown up there. I took a drive through its center for the first time in twelve years. The changes were bewildering, the traffic was daunting, and even though it’s essentially one long road — a flat-lined roller coaster — I felt completely lost.

I took another drive today, this time tanked off with Ritalin, and felt at ease, my brain calmly observing what it saw before me, not imagining the million and one things it couldn’t see around me.

Here’s another description of unmedicated ADHD:

What ADHD feels like – Boing Boing.

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2 thoughts on “What ADHD Feels Like

  1. I’m not much of a traveler — discounting the post office and grocery store — but even a trip to my home office will lead to a different destination if my brain is fine-tuned with Ritalin. (and by fine-tuned, I mean, roughly fine-tuned — I’ve yet to find an ADD drug that preserves my focus with startling clarity; life is still mostly seen through a kaleidoscope.

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