My First Published Cartoon

My First Published Cartoon

I post this picture every once in awhile as inspiration for those who’d like to draw a cartoon, but believe they can’t.

I’m not saying that everyone can draw a cartoon. But when you look at the early material of many cartoonists — mine, anyway — you’d be reluctant to say with confidence, “This artist will definitely learn how to draw one day. More or less.”

I believe I earned seven dollars, fifty cents for this.  I probably owe them change.

(note that my style has changed, but my signature has stayed the same. I remember working on that signature in elementary school. It took time for my skill to catch up with it.)

3 thoughts on “My First Published Cartoon

  1. I like it.

    Whenever I want to convey to someone that drawing ability has nothing to do with one’s ability to create a cartoon or web-comic, I refer them to “Toothpaste For Dinner”. A great comic that looks like it was scrawled on the back of an off-roading bus.

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