Great Moments in Culinary Science

I have a file labeled TO BE FINISHED, and it encompasses all of time. My time, anyway. This is an old pun reworked into a possible t-shirt design. Along the way a few things changed. In the original it’s clear that the man is shaking the table. It’s clear because the other scientist says, “Keep shaking. I think we’ve discovered something.” To simplify the design I dropped the speech balloon, and went straight to the punchline.

So if you’re inclined to play cartoonist:

Should I put the speech balloon back in? Or does the cartoon work as it is? Is it clear that the plate is moving because of the disheveled scientist shaking the table?

Two Personalities, Two Captions, With Bonus Literary Criticism


An alternate caption: Robert Louis Stevenson’s “The Odd Couple.”

Not sure which one I prefer. When it comes to captions, my thinking is often of two minds, which seems fitting this time around.

Or is it? Did Hyde exist independently of Jeckyll? Or was Jeckyll there all along, in the guise of Mr. Hyde?

You’ll find the literary criticism at  Steven Padnick explains that I’ve misread the story. I feel like I did at the end of The Sixth Sense, when the film revealed that everything I’d understood about the story was wrong.

Play Cartoonist

In the original version of this cartoon, I didn’t draw the table-top teleporters. I liked the idea of the technology being so advanced that it would seem like magic, per Arthur C. Clarke’s Third Law, and made pedestrian through overuse.

And then I second-guessed myself: would it be funnier with tiny machines at each place setting?

You’re welcome to play cartoonist and let me know what you think.