Great Moments in Culinary Science

I have a file labeled TO BE FINISHED, and it encompasses all of time. My time, anyway. This is an old pun reworked into a possible t-shirt design. Along the way a few things changed. In the original it’s clear that the man is shaking the table. It’s clear because the other scientist says, “Keep shaking. I think we’ve discovered something.” To simplify the design I dropped the speech balloon, and went straight to the punchline.

So if you’re inclined to play cartoonist:

Should I put the speech balloon back in? Or does the cartoon work as it is? Is it clear that the plate is moving because of the disheveled scientist shaking the table?

4 thoughts on “Great Moments in Culinary Science

  1. Don’t add the speech balloon. Just put some motion marks around the table to show that it is moving. I agree with Claudio about not noticing the motion until I had read the caption, but I think the balloon might clutter the design. A couple of squiggly parentheses around the table would accomplish the same thing.

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