The Monk and the Pea

I’ve been working on this for years; off and on, not daily. The thought balloon doesn’t read smoothly. Not yet. Eventually it will. Probably. Grammar and I have an uneasy relationship, especially when I’m twisting words around to suit a punchline. I want the words to sound natural, to read easily. Right now the thought balloon hurts my brain like a hard pea pressed into my back.

UPDATE: a rewrite on the monk’s thought balloon:

“How can I sleep?
“It feels like I’m on top of theory that will forever change our understanding of heredity.”

Do the Twist

I need to draw the Twilight Tome title in the Twilight Zone manner — though I’ve watched enough episodes to know that the “classic” look wasn’t always used.

This is another in my series of fine caricatures that depend on my telling you who the subject is: Burgess Meredith, playing the clumsy misanthrope with the thick glasses.