Do the Twist

I need to draw the Twilight Tome title in the Twilight Zone manner — though I’ve watched enough episodes to know that the “classic” look wasn’t always used.

This is another in my series of fine caricatures that depend on my telling you who the subject is: Burgess Meredith, playing the clumsy misanthrope with the thick glasses.

3 thoughts on “Do the Twist

  1. Darn it! I was so happy that Henry Bemis didn’t break his glasses! This episode always makes me cry (which is often because I use this episode as an example of irony). So I was thrilled for about 3 seconds until I noticed his broken Kindle. Argh! Where are those Kleenex?

  2. I had a similar experience. I drew the cartoon several years ago — which is why the Kindle has a physical keyboard — and forgot the punchline for a few seconds, just long enough to think: if he breaks his glasses, it’s ok, he’ll just use a much larger font on his Kindle…but hold on, he didn’t break his glasses…what’s the problem…d’oh.

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