A Post-historic Family

I haven’t read this yet, but I love the idea. It makes sense. The talking animals, designed to play records or vacuum floors, descendants of bio-tweaked husbandry. The co-existence of humans and (cloned) dinosaurs. The echo of 20th Century pop culture — bowling alleys, Cary Granite — that could only be known to a future civilization.

The Flintstones, a post-historic family.

Why The Flintstones Takes Place in a Post-Apocalyptic Future | Cracked.com.

Do the Twist

I need to draw the Twilight Tome title in the Twilight Zone manner — though I’ve watched enough episodes to know that the “classic” look wasn’t always used.

This is another in my series of fine caricatures that depend on my telling you who the subject is: Burgess Meredith, playing the clumsy misanthrope with the thick glasses.