The Case of the Missing Words to Complete the Cartoon


A work in progress with place-holder text, but the gist is there. This is meant for a t-shirt, so I’ll likely whittle down the words. Something like…

WATSON: Astounding, Holmes! How did you find it?

HOLMES: Higgs claimed he never left the laboratory. Yet I noticed traces of dried mud on his pant cuff. Also, CERN.

2 thoughts on “The Case of the Missing Words to Complete the Cartoon

  1. Love this idea!
    But in light of the BBC Sherlock’s ongoing success, I wish your art were less classic Sherlock/Watson and more Cumberbatch/Freeman. Especially since that one’s Sherlock in the 21st century.

  2. That’s a good idea, Lis. I might try that later on. I’m not much of a caricaturist — MUCH OF should be deleted — and I was going with the archetypes I could fake on short order (though I’m wondering if my Sherlock looks more like H.P. Lovecraft.) But speaking of Sherlock, someone should do a cartoon about Holmes as Dr. Who, with the evolving parade of new actors. Rathbone, Brett, Cumberbatch…

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